Empowering the Heart

Heart Rose

As we experience what is going on inside of ourselves and observe what is currently happening to everyone around us it is very clear to us that the pace of change is continuing to gather momentum. It is now very noticeable that as greater and greater quantities of light and high frequency energies flood onto our planet we are all beginning to experience the results of this infusion of higher energy in a way that impacts our everyday lives. While this is an immensely positive process for human evolution it is also quite challenging at a human personality level, especially for those who currently have little or no awareness of themselves as more than their personality and physical body.

A New Normal – Awakening Your Heart

We find that it can be very helpful to recognise that our well tried and tested ways of understanding our world are rapidly becoming obsolete in the fast moving changes that we are now experiencing. Our ‘normal’ point of reference for understanding what is happening to us in life has primarily been the information provided by the data bank of our left-brain analytical mind, a storehouse based on memories from the past. If we continue to try to understand the changes we are going through solely from this perspective we will quickly find ourselves in a fog of confusion and fear because this part of ourselves simply has no reference point to understand the process we are going through. The understandings that we need are to be found in the greater perspective available to us through our awakening hearts. The more that we can transfer our attention away from the mind into the heart the easier we will find it to make the changes required of us.

Heart Chakra Essence


The Heart Chakra Essence is a powerful combination for helping to clear and release old issues from the heart chakra

However, for many of us the route into the heart is still blocked by old pain, misunderstanding and lack of forgiveness and it is easy to find ourselves locked into the less expansive world of the unchallenged mind.

Connecting with Your Heart

For all of us at this time it is important that we give ourselves the opportunity to spend time each day in communion with our own heart, becoming better acquainted with the vibration of love to be found within its unfolding depths. Here we will find the greater awareness and new perspectives needed to face the opportunities and challenges facing us in our changing world. These new perspectives will not necessarily be understood by the everyday mind and we must learn to get comfortable with this recognition and continue to empower our hearts to guide us into a new understanding of ourselves and our world.

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