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My Heart

3rd October 2011 Crystal Herbs 0

My Heart – a Poem by Maureen Jones My heart sits beating in my chest, full of love and thoughtfulness. Gratitude for things abound: the sun, the moon, the sea, the sounds. Everything that I […]

Holistic Perspective

Empowering the Heart

10th June 2009 Crystal Herbs 1

As we experience what is going on inside of ourselves and observe what is currently happening to everyone around us it is very clear to us that the pace of change is continuing to gather […]

Thoughts, Sharing & Comment

So That’s Who I Remind Me Of

2nd April 2009 Crystal Herbs 0

We thought that we would like to share this wonderfully witty poem from Ogden Nash with you as a reminder to honour the gift of your own unique gifts and talents. So That’s Who I […]