Seeing the Greater Picture

12 12 and the Solstice, December 08

There is no doubt that we live in exciting and tumultuous times. As 2008 draws to a close and we review the events that have taken place since the beginning of the year there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we have entered a period of change, the like of which none of us has witnessed before. How each of us view these changes will be based on our individual perceptions of reality and also the information that we have at our disposal. As with any situation in life our choice of perception determines the quality of our experiences as well as affecting the outcome of the situation itself.

The current situation unfolding in our world is certainly no different, so it is vitally important that we choose to look beyond the drama and to acknowledge the greater picture of what is happening. That greater picture is truly magnificent when viewed from the perspective of our soul rather than simply that of our personality. From the perspective of the soul we have arrived at a point that was only a possible destination when many of us incarnated into our current lifetimes, a place from which we can now collectively manifest a new world of light and love right here on Planet Earth. From a wider perspective still this opportunity is occurring as part of the massive expansion of consciousness that is taking place in the whole of our Universe as everything responds to the impulses from Source that signal the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Viewed from this perspective it is easier to see that everything that is taking place right now is happening according to an orchestrated plan, a plan that comes from the Divine Mind rather than the human mind. This Plan involves a complete restructuring of the foundations upon which we have based our collective and individual realities, a move away from 3D polarity consciousness into 5D Unity Consciousness. We have now reached a point where a sufficient number of people on Earth are able to hold this new focus strongly enough for it to begin to take precedence over the old. This enormous shift in consciousness means that everything based on the old reality simply has no foundation anymore and as we have seen, begins to break down and fall apart. Rather than this being something to fear it is actually something to celebrate. Of course this does not mean that the process we are going through is necessarily easy or without its challenges and difficulties, however it is essential that we choose not to get pulled into fear.

December this year will bring us yet more profound opportunities for change. Firstly we have the powerful 12 12 Gateway which opens each year on the 12th December offering us the opportunity to receive an outflow of Unconditional Divine Love from our Cosmic Parents. If we are open to receive this magnificent gift of love it will encourage us to anchor a new level of unity between the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves taking us deeper into Unity Consciousness. This year the December full moon falls on the 12th and will magnify this energy, illuminating any aspects of ourselves that need a greater focus of love to come into alignment.

During the nine days that follow the 12 12 we will receive a huge amount of help and support from our brothers and sisters in the Realms of Light to anchor this new level of unity so that we can take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the energies of the Solstice on December 21st. At this time there will be a great expansion of Light within our Universe that will open a doorway for each of us on Earth that is ready to move into a higher level of consciousness to do so.

If you want to find out more about what is really going on you can listen to some very powerful and enlightening channelled information about both these dates and what is to come beyond, on Michelle Eloff’s site Through Michelle, Mary Magdalene offers us a beautiful message about the 12 12 Universal Solstice while Kuthumi offers some powerful information about how to use the opportunities of the 21 12 Second Ascension Wave. This channelling from Kuthumi is so important that Michelle has made it available to us all FREE. Enjoy!

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