Overhauling Valentines Day


Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day has become the day in the year that we most associate with ‘love’, and the celebration of our intimate and closest relationships. Unfortunately it has also become a focus for that state of sentimental love that is largely composed of a mix of desire and longing, arising from the deep need to be loved and to feel that we are lovable. Love, in this somewhat unevolved form, is the cause of much heartbreak since ultimately it will leave us feeling unfulfilled no matter how much we might hope that it will be otherwise.

This is particularly so now in the current energy flow, since this old idea of love is in direct contradiction with the truth of who we are and the new patterning for life that is being unfolded. Many are registering this change as a sense of emptiness and incompleteness in their lives as their own lack of love for themselves comes under the spotlight for change and transformation.

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This is a signal that it is now time for us to overhaul our ideas of what ‘love’ is and to recognise that the most intimate relationship that we have in life is the one we have with ourselves. If we do not choose to cherish ourselves as the radiant source of our own love then we will always be searching for a ‘missing piece’ outside of ourselves and we will not be able to attract into our lives those with whom we can share our love in whole and fulfilling relationships.

This Valentine’s Day

So lets make this Valentine’s Day an opportunity to honour the love that we are and to recognise ourselves as a radiant source of love that we can share unconditionally with all those around us. What a different world we will have when we all reflect love to each other rather than feeling we need to seek it!

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