Guardian Angels


Guardian Angels – an article by Tracey Hougham

If you could have pure unconditional love, you know, the kind of love that no matter what you do or did you would always be forgiven? Respected? Cherished? You would never stop being loved and that only the very best was ever seen in you? You could have everything you wished for and deserved in abundance? And all of that is right by your side, and always has been, waiting for you to ask for the help? Would you know what that would be? Let me tell you. It is…….. Angels!

Say what?? Say Angels…….. Pure beings of light straight from the heart of god. They are of pure unconditional love and hold us in the same light. They act as messengers from God(source) to us and vice versa. They absolutely love each and every one of us completely as we are and see us through the eyes of pure, pure love. We all have guardian angels, some only have one, some have more. However many you have, you can be sure that they are your companions, guiding you and giving you comfort and protection throughout your lifetime. So, how do Angels do this? Why do they? How can I find out about my angel? Do I talk to them? Are just a few of the questions I hear you ask, well maybe the following will help you to understand them.

As already mentioned angels are pure beings of light. They would never do anything to harm us and work from the heart centre and only of love and light. They love us so very much they want us to live our life free from pain and suffering. They want us to live in peace, harmony, happiness and have abundance of every kind, which in fact is our birthright. It is a human trait called the ‘ego’ that causes all our problems. Angels support us on our life’s journey so we can be free. When we are born we are all given a Guardian Angel. Our angel stays with us throughout our life supporting us and guiding us through the good as well as bad. Angels will appear to us in many different ways, some people may see their angel as a light – orb or sparkles, a colour, as a golden being with wings, smell a wonderful perfume or have an angelic stream of consciousness in their mind. Some may hear their angels whisper to them or just have a sense or warmth, peace and love. You can be sure, though, that your angel will communicate with you, in a way that you will understand. Everybody is different, after all your relationship with your guardian angel is unique to you and you may even know their name!. We have to ask our angels for help as we have free will, angels don’t. Their will is God’s will. Angels are androgynous and beyond sexuality so we will see angels as either a male or a female differently. I see Archangel Gabriel, for example, as a male, but my friend senses this angel as female. We are both right. Sometimes we understand the angels as either male or female because of the qualities certain angels have, for instance, we nearly all see Archangel Michael as male because his qualities are more of the male type – strength, courage, a warrior! It doesn’t really matter what gender we sense them as. Their loving energies are the same, whatever.


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Angels usually communicate with us when our mind is still, our hearts are open to love and our emotions settled. This for most of us is during meditation or mainly during our sleep. We can ask our angels for anything and everything we want so long as it is for the highest good and is with the best of loving intentions. We can ask for healing of ourselves and others. We can ask for guidance and direction and solutions with any problems, protection, to ease our fears and worries, to lighten up our life and smooth our pathway. Help with relationships, careers, prosperity, absolutely anything as long as it doesn’t bring harm to others, you will get the help. Angels can give the answers or point you in the right direction usually by synchronicities!! Often you will be drawn to a person who could be of help, you may turn on the TV or radio and something you hear or see will just ‘click’ with you, the ‘penny may drop’ so to speak. The same with overhearing a conversation or reading a book, magazine or article and finding the answer by coincidence, or maybe you just have a thought pop into your head. Please don’t dismiss anything as your imagination, so many people miss their help by doing so. You are not imagining things, it is your angels trying to communicate with you. Having said all of that, you may just sense (clairsentience) know (claircognizance) see (clairvoyant) or hear (clairaudience) the answer straight away! You can always ask your angels to send you signs of confirmation. People often mention feathers, coins, crystals or even hearing certain songs like Robbie Williams’ Angels. Seeing such signs or symbols are ways that your angels use to let you that know they are with you.

Your angels are with you right now. Ask them to draw close to you and talk to them as you would a very close friend. They are your confidante. They will empower you to change any negative to positive, dis-harmony to harmony, dis-ease to ease, weakness to strength and turn the light on your darkness. They never, ever leave you or stop loving you. They see you shining your inner light and want to help you live at your fullest potential. Open your heart and arms to your angels, their love, comfort and healing is immeasurable.

Excerpts taken from Angels By Your Side workshop by Tracey Hougham an Angel healing therapist practitioner medium in Dorset and graduate teacher of the Diana Cooper School.

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Brijesh patel
6 years ago

Every guardian angel is like a nurturing mother, an archetypal mother—the perfect mother. This mother would always be running after her child, doing her best to keep the child safe.

Saif Saiyed
6 years ago

Great article. I really believe in angles. I enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for sharing this.